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Chelmsford, along with the rest of England, is now in lockdown until further notice. You can find out what this means and get other useful information on our coronavirus updates page.

Tell us about any change in circumstance

We have continued to run our choice-based lettings scheme throughout this time. If you are on the Housing Register, you can still express your interest in properties advertised each week but there may still be a delay to move dates due to coronavirus. You can read more on our coronavirus updates page.

Report a change

If your circumstances change, you have one month from the date of the change to tell us about it. You will also have to give us evidence of the change.

You need to log in to HomeOption, and then fill in the Change in Circumstance form.

To report a change in circumstance, you will need:

  • your HomeOption Identification Number (HOIN)
  • your date of birth
  • evidence of the change
  • proof of your income

If there is a change in circumstance, you might be in the wrong band on the Housing Register.

You will not be able to log in and bid on HomeOption while we’re looking at your change in circumstance.

You need to tell us if you or anyone living with you:

  • has a change of income
  • has a change in benefit
  • is pregnant
  • gives birth
  • changes address
  • changes job or goes back to work
  • moves in or moves out of your home
  • has a new medical condition
  • has a change in a current medical condition

You are responsible for reporting any change in circumstance. You can’t rely on anyone else to report the change for you.

You have one month from reporting your change of circumstance to give us the evidence we need. If you don’t give us the evidence we need within one month, we will remove you from the Housing Register.

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    Last updated: 08 October 2020

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