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Join the Housing Register

To apply for social housing and bid on properties (including sheltered housing), you need to join the Housing Register.

The Housing Register is a list of people who qualify for social housing and need our help to find somewhere to live.

There is limited supply of social housing in Chelmsford, so there are restrictions on who can join the Housing Register.

Even if you can join the Housing Register, we might not be able to find you a property.

You would be more likely to find somewhere to live if you looked at other options, like renting privately.

  1. Find out if you can join the Housing Register

  2. Apply to join the Housing Register

  3. Submit your evidence

  4. How we assess your housing need


3. Submit your evidence

Submit photos and scans online

After you have made your application, you have one month to give us the evidence we need to assess your housing need.

You can also submit your evidence at:

  • the Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre    
  • Chelmsford Library    
  • the Parkside Community Hub     

We will tell you the type of evidence we need, but you need to check which documents we will accept as proof.

We will not contact you until you have given us the evidence we need.

The quicker you give us your evidence, the quicker we can assess your housing need. This means you will be able to bid on properties sooner.

If you do not give us all the evidence we need, we will send you a letter to remind you.

You will have another month from the date of the letter to give us all the evidence we need. If you do not give us the evidence, we will remove your application.

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