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Homelessness policies, strategies and campaigns

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Our Homelessness Review and Strategy is in two sections.

The first section reviews the levels of homelessness in Chelmsford, including:

  • the successes we’ve had in dealing with homelessness 
  • how we are preventing homelessness
  • challenges in the future

The second section sets out our recommendations and action plan of how we intend to tackle homelessness with our partners.

We will regularly monitor and review our action plan until this strategy expires in 2022.


We have launched a campaign in partnership with CHESS Homeless to deal with street begging in Chelmsford.

The Spare Change or Real Change? campaign highlights how giving money to rough sleepers can make their situation worse, rather than helping them.

For more information about the Real Change or Spare Change? campaign, you can:


Download our policy 

Our Temporary Accommodation Placement Policy explains our approach to allocating temporary accommodation.

The policy also includes information about how we consider the location of accommodation, and the priority for in-city, Essex-wide or any area accommodation.

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