Chelmsford City Council


If you are already homeless or could become homeless and need help, you can:

We can help you:  

  1. if you are already homeless
  2. avoid homelessness

We do not have a duty to find emergency accommodation for all homeless people, but we can offer everyone advice and support.

If you’re 16 or 17 and homeless, we will work with  Essex County Council Health and Social Care and make a joint assessment.

You can also view information about our homelessness policies, strategies and campaigns.


1. If you are already homeless

We have a duty to provide housing advice. We will help you to explore your housing options and try to help to prevent a threat of homelessness. However, we do not have a duty to provide emergency accommodation to everyone who actually becomes homeless.

For information about emergency housing if you're homeless, you can look at GOV.UK.

For emergency accommodation and support, you can visit:

You can download our Homeless Services Guide to view a map and contact details of other support agencies.           

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