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Reuniting you with your lost dog

If someone reports that they have found your dog, we will:

  • add the dog to our register
  • tell you that someone has found your dog, if we have your contact details
  • collect it from them
  • check it for any obvious injuries or health defects, and take it to a vet if necessary
  • take it to a kennel for safekeeping

You have seven days to claim your dog and pay in full for it to be released. After seven days, the kennel will either re-home or humanely destroy your dog.

Collecting your dog from the kennels

To collect your dog from the kennels, you will have to pay all fees in full.

Once you have paid in full, we will give you a reference number. You need to give this reference number to the kennel for them to release your dog.

You will only be able to collect your dog during the kennel opening times, which are: 

  • Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm
  • Saturday to Sunday, 10am to 12 noon


Collecting your dog directly from us

In some cases, we will receive your lost dog report before we have taken your dog to the kennels. 

If this happens, you will still need to pay the fees to release your dog. Once you have paid the fees, we will arrange for you to collect your dog from a convenient location. 


If we have collected your dog, you will need to pay a fee to release it. You can call us to pay the fee.

  • Standard release fee: £55
  • Kennelling per day: £13
  • Dog transportation fee (per journey): £25.90

If your dog is injured or ill, we will take it to the vets. We will add any vet fees to the release fees, and you will need to pay in full before you can collect your dog.


If your dog has a microchip, the finder cannot keep it.

If the person who has found the dog requests to keep it, we will:

  • keep the dog’s details and the finder’s details on our register
  • visit their home and check the welfare of the dog
  • confirm that the dog doesn’t have a microchip
  • check that their home is suitable for the dog
  • confirm that the finder will keep the dog for a least 28 days

If your dog is with the finder, you have 28 days to claim it and they must return it to you.

You may still be able to claim your dog after 28 days, but this will be a civil dispute over ownership.

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Last updated: 01 April 2020

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