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Terms and conditions and legal requirements

Terms and conditions

You can download and view our current terms and conditions.


Legal requirements

We have to follow policies and legislation when we buy goods and services, and when we are working with our suppliers.

Buying goods and services

Our contract award decisions have to be based on which supplier offers the best value for money, and not just the lowest price.

This is in line with government policy, which states that as well as price we need to consider other factors, such as:

  • quality

  • environmental sustainability

  • innovation

If the value of a contract is more than a certain amount, we also need to follow regulations based on the European Treaty.

As part of our Code of Conduct, Chelmsford City Council employees have to declare any personal interests in any existing or potential suppliers.

Working with our suppliers

We are subject to statutory legal requirements, which we pass on to our suppliers depending on the service they provide.

For example, our suppliers need to follow the same equality standards that we follow.

Our suppliers also need to follow our safeguarding standards, and:

  • comply with our Safeguarding Policy for Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults
  • ensure that their staff are adequately trained where appropriate
  • observe and perform the Safeguarding Obligation
  • notify us immediately if there is a breach of the Safeguarding Obligation
  • ensure that their staff have a valid enhanced disclosure check, if they are providing a Regulated Activity

We also encourage our suppliers to develop, review and exercise their business continuity plan.


Modern Slavery Act 2015

You can download and view our Modern Slavery statement 2019 to 2020.

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    Last updated: 01 April 2019

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