Chelmsford City Council

Public Register: Houses in Multiple Occupation

If you think people are living in an HMO that doesn't have a licence, you can report it to us.

You can also find out about licensing a house in multiple occupation.

ReferenceHMO property addressLicence issuedLicence expiresLicence holder
09/00014/HMOLIC14 Rainsford Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 2QR26 December 201726 December 2022Whitfield Associates
15/00021/HMOLIC69 Parklands Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 7SP16 March 201816 March 2023Ms Claire Pailthorpe
17/00581/HMOLIC42 St Fabians Drive, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2PR16 April 201816 April 2023Gwenda Goodall
09/00092/HMOLIC92 Upper Bridge Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0EA09 May 201809 May 2023Mr Melvin Archer
17/00572/HMOLIC153 Kings Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2BA14 May 201814 May 2023Mr Chris Pedro
17/00510/HMOLIC51 Parkinson Drive, Chelmsford,. CM1 3GU08 June 201808 June 2023Mr Martin Cole
11/00009/HMOLIC38 Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, CM1 3GF15 June 201815 June 2023Chelmsford Properties Ltd
18/00268/HMOLIC96 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0JF22 June 201822 June 2023Mr David Rumble
15/00023/HMOLIC132 Parkinson Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 3GS30 July 201830 July 2023Mr Graham Lewis-Taylor
11/00043/HMOLIC49 Parkinson Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 3GU02 August 201802 August 2023Mr Andy Murphy
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Last updated: 25 October 2021

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