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Dog breeding

Download application form

You will need a breeding licence if you breed dogs for sale.

To apply for a breeding licence, you will need to:

  • complete the application form

  • return the form to us

  • pay the fee of £196.50

Once we receive your application, we will notify you of our decision within three months.

We will only grant your licence if you comply with all objectives and conditions. You can download and view the conditions for dog breeding.

If we need a veterinary inspection of your establishment as part of the application process, you will have to pay for the inspection.

If we do not grant your licence, we will not refund your licence fee or any veterinary inspection charges. 


Renew your licence

Your breeding licence will be valid for one year from the date we granted it.

You need to renew your licence every year, before the current licence expires.

The renewal fee is £180.20.

Once we receive your renewal application, we will inspect your premises then notify you of our decision.

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