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Grants for businesses affected by coronavirus

On this page, you can find information about any grants schemes are currently open and details of how to apply.


The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant gives local councils funding to support to hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses with a one-off grant. This is to recognise the impact of rising cases of the Omicron variant, which has affected some businesses.


The aim of the grant scheme is to support businesses:

  • in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors that offer in-person services, and
  • where the main service and activity takes place in a fixed rate-paying premises

You should not apply for this grant if your business:

  • does not have premises with a rateable value, or
  • is a retail business, or
  • offers hairdressing, barber or beauty services

The government has given us a small amount of funding for a discretionary grant for other types of business. As the funding amount is very small, we are still working on a scheme to decide which businesses can apply. Once the discretionary grant scheme has been finalised, we will open an application on this page.


These are general descriptions. You can read the Omicron grant policy for full details.


This is a business whose main function is to provide a venue for the consumption and sale of food and drink.


This is a business that provides opportunities, experiences and facilities, in particular for culture, recreation, entertainment, celebratory events, days and nights out, betting and gaming.


This is a business whose main lodging provision is used for holiday, travel and other purposes.

Award amounts

The grant will support hospitality, leisure and accommodation business premises with one-off grants of up to £6,000.

The amount of grant we can give you depends on the rateable value of your premises (known as “hereditaments”).

If, on 30 December 2021, your premises had a rateable value:

  • of exactly £15,000 or under, you will receive £2,667
  • over £15,000 and less than £51,000, you will receive £4,000
  • of exactly £51,000 or over, you will receive £6,000

Businesses excluded from the fund

You cannot get funding if:

  • your business is in administration, insolvent or has been struck off the Companies House register
  • you will exceed the permitted subsidy allowance
  • your business is not on the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) ratings list

How to apply

Before you apply, you should have the following information to hand (where applicable):

  • business rates account number
  • company registration number
  • self-assessment/partnership number
  • National Insurance Number
  • unique taxpayer reference
  • charity registration number
  • VAT registration number
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code

You will also need to provide copies of:

  • insurance documents
  • lease documents or freehold statement
  • most recent bank statement

We will not be able to process your application without these details.

Once you have the right information, you can apply for the grant online.

From 1 July 2021 until 31 March 2022, the relief will be 66%. However, the reduction that a single business can receive across all its properties will be capped. Businesses that had to close on 5 January 2021 will be capped at £2m. Businesses that could open on 5 January 2021 will be capped at £105,000.

We sent a form to all eligible businesses in April asking you to confirm your business would not be likely to exceed the cap during 2021/22. We have applied the 66% relief from 1 July 2021, where appropriate. 

If you think you are eligible and have not yet returned the declaration form, you can submit it to us via our contact form, so that we can look at your case.


Keep up to date

We are asking all businesses to sign up to the Chelmsford business e-newsletter and our private Facebook Group which is for businesses only. 

We will update these channels as regularly as possible to make sure your business has access to the latest information. 


Other forms of financial assistance

You can also read about other funding schemes offered by external organisations.

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Last updated: 17 January 2022

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