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Your Business Rates bill

The Chancellor announced extra help for some businesses in his Budget. We have already posted the business rate bills for 2020/21, but we have published some advice to help you.

We issue Business Rates bills in April each year. If you move into a property part way through the year, we will issue you with a bill for the remainder of the year.

Your bill will include the amount you need to pay.

You can download and view a copy of the explanatory notes, that provide more information about Business Rates and your bill.

The explanatory notes include information about:

  • Business Rates
    We collect Business Rates, or Non-Domestic Rates, to pay for local services. 
  • rateable values
    The Valuation Office Agency set rateable values, which we use to determine your Business Rates bill. You can appeal your rateable valueif you disagree with it.

  • the National Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier

    We multiply your rateable value by the National Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier to calculate your Business Rates bill.

  • Business Rates instalments
    We usually divide your Business Rates bill for the year into 10 instalments. You can request to pay your Business Rates over 12 months, instead of 10.

  • Revaluation 2017 and Transitional Arrangements
    The Valuation Office Agency have revalued properties, which could change the amount of Business Rates you need to pay. If your Business Rates bill has a significant increase, there is a transitional relief schemein place to limit and phase in any changes.


  • unoccupied property ratings
    If a property is empty for three months, or six months if it is an industrial property, we will not charge Business Rates.

  • Small Business Rate Relief
    If your rateable value is less than £51,000, we will use the Small Business Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier to calculate your Business Rates bill. You can submit an online application form for Small Business Rate Relief.

  • Charity and Community Amateur Sports Club Relief
    We can give up to 80% Business Rates relief for charity and community amateur sports clubs.

  • Local Newspapers Relief
    We can give a discount on office spaces that local newspapers occupy.

  • local discounts, state aid and hardship relief
    We are able to grant other discounts in specific circumstances.

  • rating advisers

  • information supplied with demand notices

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    Last updated: 14 January 2020

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