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If you would like to use Chelmsford High Street for commercial, voluntary or fundraising activities, you need to submit a booking application. 

We only have one promotional space, located outside Barclays Bank.

It costs £157 per day on a Saturday and £105 on any other day (prices valid until 31 March 2023)

To book space in the High Street, you will need: 

  • the name of your company or organisation

  • your name and contact details

  • to describe what you are planning to do in the High Street, including how many people will be involved

  • to tell us the preferred dates for your activity

  • to give information about your street collection permit, if you are collecting for a charity

  • to upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance

  • to upload a completed risk assessment 

Once we receive your application, we will: 

  • acknowledge it within five working days

  • consider your application, and confirm your booking within 10 working days

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    Last updated: 04 April 2022

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