Trade recycling & waste collections

We put customer satisfaction at the heart of our work. We offer you a tailored local collection for your recycling and waste to try to match the needs of your business.


Did you know?

Did you know all businesses by law have a statutory duty to dispose of their waste via a licensed waste carrier and to ensure that it has been pre-treated?

Pre-treatment simply means that at least one material from your waste must be recycled, composted or removed before it is sent to landfill, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens.


We want to make recycling easy for you.  We can provide a tailored waste management plan with dedicated recycling bins for all your required materials.


Recycling diverts waste from landfill which is costly, and we pass these savings on to you.

How can we help you?

We could help you:


  • Cut your business costs
  • Improve your environmental performance
  • Reduce your carbon footprint


Commercial recycling collections

Chelmsford City Council can save your business money by collecting your materials for recycling. This is because sending materials to landfill comes at a cost, so by reprocessing these materials into new products instead means that we can pass on what we save to you.

Here are the charges for commercial recycling collections:


Current Charge Payable (includes discount)

Minimum collection frequency

Maximum collection frequency

Food WastePrices on applicationWeeklyDaily (Mon - Fri)
Glass (coloured/clear separated)£6.50FortnightlyWeekly
Tins & Cans£6.50FortnightlyWeekly
Paper & Card£6.50FortnightlyWeekly

Please note charge is per stream regardless of number or size of bins, There is no separate charge for bin hire and the initial minimum contract period is six months.


Commercial non-recyclable material collections

Chelmsford City Council's Commercial Waste Team are able to collect your business's general waste six days a week, and with our dedicated customer care line, additional collections can be arranged.

Here are your bin size options for your commercial non-recyclable waste collection:

Non-recyclable waste
bin size
Plastic bin bag equivalentBin collection chargeDisposal chargesTotal cost
Smallest 240 litre4 bin bags£4.30£2.11£6.41
Small 330 litre6 bin bags£4.86£2.90£7.76
Medium 660 litre11 bin bags£6.21£5.80£12.01
Large 1100 litre18 bin bags£8.13£9.67£17.80

Why choose us?

  • We operate within the city of Chelmsford and surrounding areas therefore are able to respond to customers quickly and efficiently
  • We have a dedicated customer care line with specialist knowledge of the Chelmsford area
  • We can provide additional one off chargeable collections as required
  • As a Local Authority, collections with us are VAT exempt
  • There are no hidden costs. Our costs are inclusive of duty of care, administration charges and waste disposal charges
  • We have a successful client base of 1,400 businesses in Chelmsford
  • We provide a very high standard of service

How can I find out more?

If you would like a quote for your commercial recycling and waste collections or for further information, please contact our customer care team:

Tel: 01245 615800


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