Chelmsford: Former Marconi site, New Street

Former Marconi site, New Street, Chelmsford

Application approved

Planning permission to redevelop the former Marconi Works site in New Street was granted in March 2013.  Building works are now well underway with first occupations expected in October 2014.  This development will dramatically improve the connections and character of the city centre.

Marconi’s old headquarters, built in 1912, is being retained as offices. The old boiler house on Marconi Road and the water tower will also be converted. Other old buildings on New Street are being removed to allow access into the new quarter. When complete, it will be possible to walk direct from the railway station to New Street. This new route will pass through a series of public spaces, with a green square at the centre.

There will be over 400 new homes and new office buildings. The buildings are designed to have a lively, varied appearance with brick, timber, metal and glass as well as brightly coloured features.

The planning permission was accompanied by a legal agreement to secure affordable housing, transport improvements, sports and open space improvements to Central Park and public art.


You can view the main planning application and the report to Planning Committee via the links to the right of this page.


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