The Closure of Craig Solly

A Dark Monologue by Russell Kane

A new one-man play written and performed by Russell Kane. This menacing, pitch-black comic monologue is set in the cell of Craig Solly, an institutionalised and connected gangster whose past is as violent as his mind is broken. You the audience are the friends and family of his victims in this ‘Closure Process’ session. Now and again these sessions provide comfort for the bereaved. Sometimes they help the convict. Mostly, they do neither. Mostly they are just the animal noises of a dangerous creature.



Directed for stage by Nichola McAuliffe.


Dates & Times

Thursday, 31 July 2014 - 8:00pm

Ticket Price

Tickets: £8.00
£1 off full price and standard concessionary tickets for Leisure Plus cardholders
Group Booking discount available (One in every ten free)

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