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What's Happening?


A development of up to 3,600 dwellings and mixed use floorspace (up to 62,300sq. m. gross) including a new business park, retail, hotel, leisure, open space, education and community facilities.  The scheme is to be delivered in phases and will be framed by a comprehensive scheme of landscaping to integrate the development into its setting.


New highways, including a radial distributor road and changes to existing highways including roundabout access from Essex Regiment Way, upgrading of Boreham Interchange and a priority junction from White Hart Lane will be delivered alongside public transport infrastructure.


Now that the principle and general parameters of the development have been set by the outline planning permission, full details of layout, house types, road networks, landscaping, etc. will be set by the Reserved Matters applications (those with an REM suffix).


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Latest News


August 2015


Reserved matters were approved on 20th August 2015 for part of the second phase of primary infrastructure, referred to as the Phase 2a road and associated infrastructure (application 15/00081/REM refers) providing access to the further residential parcels forming part of the first phase of housing and, in time, future Phase 2 residential parcels.


Planning permission was granted on 5th August 2015 to upgrade parts of Public Rights of Way 5 Springfield and 22 Boreham, to the south of New Hall School to a footpath, cyclepath and bridleway, creating a surfaced route and connection between New Hall School and Beaulieu Park linking with an existing cycleway recently constructed by the school along the western length of the historic tree lined avenue.


June 2015


Countryside Zest has submitted an application for approval of reserved matters for the new residential parcel forming Phase 1 of the development, referred to as Zone B. The scheme will deliver 9 apartments and 68 houses (12 two beds, 26 three beds, 14 four beds and 16 five beds) with associated infrastructure, servicing, landscaping and 178 parking spaces.  


March 2015


Reserved matters have been approved for the construction of 184 houses and apartments (Zone A Residential) and a new Neighbourhood Centre fronting White Hart Lane.


On the downloads section please can you add a link to the application Zone B residential 15/00850/REM. If the drawing 1943/301 Rev P7  could also be uploaded as Zone B layout too that would be great. I will put this layout drawing in the North Chelmsford folder on the N Drive.


January 2015


Countryside Zest have completed the ground works listed in the update (October 2014) and commenced construction of the development of 49 dwellings as approved under reserved matters approval 13/01872/REM.


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