Apply to the housing register

Chelmsford City Council keeps a Housing Register of everyone who has applied for social housing.


Although we can accept new people onto the register, very few properties become available in the borough compared to the extremely high demand.


As of 1 May 2015, there were 5,315 households on the register. However, in the last three months, only around eight properties per week became available around half of these only being suitable for people aged 55 or more.


Social housing is not the only option - people who rent privately may be able to claim housing benefit to help with rent costs, even if they are working.


Who owns the homes?


Chelmsford City Council no longer owns any homes of its own. 


Housing Associations, also called Registered Providers, own homes in our area. We have agreements with them so that about 75% of the properties that become available are offered to households on the Housing Register. The biggest housing association in the Chelmsford area is CHP.


Apply online


You can apply online through the HomeOption website.


The online form includes a section where you can tell us about health needs related to your housing.  The form can be saved and completed at a later time once you have started it.  Once you have submitted the form, a list of evidence will appear to let you know what documents you need to provide. 


Your application cannot be processed without this evidence being provided.


You will need the following information to hand to complete your application:


  • your national insurance number
  • income and savings details
  • details of your previous addresses


If you are unable to complete the form online yourself, you can visit the Customer Services Centre where you can use one of our self-service PCs. Alternatively you may have a family member, friend or support worker who can help you. If you have no assistance available, an appointment can be made with a Customer Services Advisor to help you with your application.